Making the Invisible to Visible

Ensuring maximum uptime of the wireless network for your AGV and AS/RS systems.

Flashing Beacons Light SL

Different light patterns indicate several statuses such as normal, warning, or critical.

Melody / Alarm Horn MP3 Alarm Horn

Implementing social-distancing measures is mandatory at workplaces during these unprecedented times.

Secure Hardened Modbus to BACnet Gateways

Designed for power monitoring in building automation.

WD Wireless Data Acquisition System

Connect your existing equipment, regardless of brand or age, to your network with PATLITE network signaling solutions.

Adapt to Changes with Big Gains

A tiny Ethernet switch helps make the integration of retrofit devices easier.

Breathe New Life into Your Legacy Devices With NPort Serial Device Servers

Are you considering replacing serial devices with modern communication interfaces?